28 July 2008


Lisa writes:

Loprinzi- Arusi: Put Your Head in A Noose
Arusi Loprinzini, Attorney, District Attorneys

I laughed with a friend today as we talked about putting ones head in a noose. The District Attorneys office in Multnomah County has certainly done that. We both laughed as I told her of the video the DA edited to the jury.

What, Lisa, are you really so ignorant that you are unaware that tapes are usually edited to remove extraneous bits?

As he told the jury that we were talking about drugs and cut out the video of what was really being said. What I was saying to Maria Leal, a drug addict and hater, that this is your source of drugs, as I pointed to Meyers as she approached me over and over again when the stairs to her exit was a breathe away. She would walk towards me intentionally even though I had a stalking order on her. The only thing I could do was to video tape that she was not afraid of me, and she sent her dogs after my wittiness in room 207. Who left me a note on video not to come to her room, to call her instead due to fear of the mob.

Oh dear, oh dear. There you go again, Lisa. What is it with you that you simply can NOT stick to the facts?

You seem to forget that you yourself posted the original “video-tape”, as you call it – actually, images from your cell – on your blog. The originals, like the edited version presented to the court, give the lie to your foregoing statements, as do the observations of a number of witnesses to your antics.

The facts:

Meyers did not approach you “over and over again”. Meyers, who took out the original temporary protective stalking order against you (remember when you were served 19th October, and you rampaged up and own the corridors of The Rose, hysterically laughing, singing, dancing, shrieking?) was trying to exit the building. You blocked her egress. Meyers turned around and attempted to exit the building via another corridor. You raced ahead of her to bar her path; in compliance with the the retaliatory temporary stalking order you took out against her half a month after the one she took out against you, she had to turn around again. You continued your childish game for some time, forcing Meyers to take refuge in a neighbour's apartment. When other tenants came to her rescue, you scuttled off.

Neither Meyers nor Leal left you “a note on video”. Prior to the first hearing on your many violations of the stalking order against you, YOU shoved a note under Leal's door threatening her if she appeared in court. Leal brought that note to the 2nd November hearing. You must have feared what Leal had to say, for, when she attempted to address the court, you immediately set up a ruckus so that she was not heard.

Note that, back in November, Leal was, according to you, part of that “hate mob” which serves you as a convenient excuse for your erratic behaviour. Correct us if we are wrong, but it seems to us that you were still touting your “hate mob” as a bible-thumping, drug-dealing gang of African American grandmothers who, with Portland Impact, were engaged in a vast and complex drug-related welfare fraud conspiracy.

According to you, the previous source of Leal's prescription meds was Kimberly, your former employer. Thereafter, it was “convicted felon Marttha”. Now it seems to be Meyers. Actually, the source of Leal's prescription meds was the pharmacy.

No one sent dogs or anything other animal against your “wittiness”. As you have proven, wittiness is one of several qualities you lack.

The hate mob led by Jackle Barton and Martha Feggan was in full force.

“Jackle” Barton? Martha “Feggan”? Looks like your “hate mob” acquired some new leaders, whoever Jackle and Feggan may be. Maybe you're confusing them with Fagin, and Heckle & Jeckle?

They knocked on my wittiness door late at night, she said she felt like she was dragged out her room. They brought her into a room across the hallway from my room in 204. They told her she did not have to lie as my witness but she could say it like this or that. She told them she would not lie as they continued to harass her by banging on her door as they walked by and cut off her resources for the help she needed.

Who might this “wittiness” of yours be, Lisa? Could she be the shy, reclusive, and emotionally fragile person into whose apartment you barged, uninvited, and whom you frightened with your belligerent and aggressive behaviour? If so, the only person who harassed her by banging on her door was YOU.

It never ceases to amaze us how all of the “wittinesses” you claim to have lined up have been, according to your various redactions of your stories, so intimidated by the variously-led “hate mob” that ALL failed to appear for you. Rather like that “rally” you held for yourself, where nobody came.

But the intimidation of your “wittinesses” indicates an astonishing degree of prescience on the part of your “hate mob”. None of them have ever known who, exactly, your “wittinesses” are – and yet they manage to intimidate your “wittinesses” all the same. Don't you find that utterly amazing?

When I was arrested, Terry Sharpe was on trial for stalking me, she is a real stalker...........

What trial was that, Lisa?

The facts:

On 31st October, you took out a bogus temporary protective stalking order against Terry Sharp at the same time you took out your retaliatory temporary stalking order against Meyers. This was less than a month after you harassed Ms Sharp with your picture-taking antics, and she told you: “Please leave me alone and don't harass me.” When you failed to cease harassing her, the building manager intervened and ordered you to leave her alone, and just leave. These are only two of the five incidents of your harassment of Ms Sharp which occurred that day. On 1st November 2007, you told Ms Sharp that you would cut her legs off if she appeared in court. Perhaps you had learned that Ms Sharp was one of several tenants who filed complaints against you for your racist hate speech against African Americans

At all times subsequent thereto, your behaviour toward Ms Sharp was aggressive, hostile, and belligerent. You alleged that Ms Sharp “intimidated” several of your “wittinesses” in your money-grubbing “gender”grievance with the Bureau of Labor and Industries. This last is a patent impossibility, as no one, including Ms Sharp, has ever known the identity of your alleged “wittinesses”. In court, you alleged that Ms Sharp “peeped” through your window and watched you while you masturbated. It's difficult to see how one could watch you masturbate through your window, as your window was on the second floor -- -- or why anyone would want to do so. You made it more confusing by repeatedly insisting to the court that your window was UNDER the table in the courtyard.

The hate mob harassed my witness by phone calls and other tenants demanding that she keep quiet. My witness went into the hospital for mental health.

When did this alleged hospitalization occur, Lisa? As previously, it's difficult to see how anyone could have harassed your alleged witness, since no one has ever known who they are -- or, indeed, if they exist.

The DA's office new that I had accused Meyers for drug dealing which is what Reach CDC and the DA office is been trying to hide. The great crime, of hiding and protecting drug dealers who are leaders in a hate mob.

The grotesque absurdity of the first sentence speaks for itself. The second is merely more of your self-serving exculpatory flatulence.

You still owe certain members of your alleged “hate mob” a great deal of gratitude, in that they never reported you for giving drugs and alcohol to a minor in exchange for sex with her.

SHAME ON THE DA'S office. I will get a new trial. Your a hater? , ETHICS District Attorney Loprinzi- Arusi put your head in a NOOSE? Come and get me or protect me and do your FUCKING JOB. Remember, Straight but NOT NARROW. I coming for you Loprinzi- Arusi, I coming with a gang of mine called JUSTICE!

It's curious, Lisa dear, how you spend so much time whinging about the so-called “threats” you and your “wittinesses” have received from your beloved hate mob. And yet, the only threats anyone has ever heard have come from YOU.

The GANG, Martin Luther KING, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Harvey MILK,. Steven BICO, Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, Chief Sitting BULL, etc.. They are my GANG!

These are your “wittinesses”? Oh, please. Note that five of your “GANG” are what you call “niggers”. As Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Tubman were African American women, that makes them, according to you, “nigger bitches”. The chances of African Americans such as these, let alone any African Americans, joining a “GANG” led by a racist hate monger are not likely.

Am I being disrespecting,inflammatory?

You're rarely anything but, except when you're being stupid, or trying to get something for nothing.

Or am I making fucking correct assessment on the responsibility of the DA's office which is not to hold evidence.

Actually, Lisa dear, you're being your usual delusional, attention-seeking drama queen self. And wherever did you ever get the notion that the DA's responsibility is NOT to hold evidence?

The police and the Loprinzi- Arusi are to be neutral. If their is a piece missing, like my side of the police report, then, correct it, do not hide it, do not create more fear, give drug dealers and haters power?

Lisa dear, it is impossible for what you imagine “my side of the police report” to exist. A police report is a report written by the police. That is why it is called a police report. It doesn't have sides. If you have a side to report, it should be called something like My Side of My Arrest, or Lisa Iacuzzi's Mein Kampf, but it is not called a police report.

For your further edification, Lisa, when one is being prosecuted for a crime one committed, the prosecuting attorney represents the people of the State of Oregon. In your recent trial for your repeated violations of one of the stalking orders against you – in which you got off lightly -- the prosecuting attorney for the State of Oregon was DA Arusi Loprinzi. As such, it was certainly NOT his place “to be neutral”.

You may thank your lucky stars that you got off as lightly as you did – that, and the fact that the jails are too crowded, and the dockets too full, to waste more time and taxpayers' money on your petty penny-ante antics.

Are you kidding me! Documented death threats on my life in the BOLI file that you completely ignored.

What you call “documented death threats”, Lisa, are those you yourself invented. That makes them allegations, not “documented death threats”. Considering you are the sole source, that also makes your allegations highly dubious -- at best.

What about the people who still live in a hate mob building, who are not haters, who want nothing to do this but to live in peace without a mob threatening and running a building. They behave like they own the building verses the fact that it is a place to transition.

Terry Sharp is one of those people who isn't a hater, and who wants to live in peace. You attacked her nevertheless, as you attacked others who wish only to live in peace. In fact, the only “hate mob” engaged in “threatening and running a building” was YOU.

Most of my haters lived in the building four years or more and ran the building like a jail. Kim Matic from Transitions Project who was fired, called the mob on their behavior. The hate mob attacked her included in her attack, was her "Queer Friendly" position on sexual minorities.

Why are you so obsessed with Kimberly Matic? What were you two, lovers? Matic was fired for her inability to perform her job -- at The Rose as well as elsewhere.

Let us now dispense with this particular lie of yours.

The facts:

Kimberly Matic was fired for, among other things:

1) Chronic tardiness to her ONE day per week round of appointments at The Rose
2) Habitual early departure
3) Regular and habitual personal grooming during client conferences
4) Routine violation of The Rose's computer room rules restricting the same exclusively to Rose tenants
5) An insensitive and cavalier attitude, best displayed in her cold response to a TPI client hospitalized for depression, which resulted in a downturn of that client's condition to the point where she was placed on suicide watch. By her inappropriate response, Matic laid TPI wide open to the possibility of some very costly litigation.

The first two are sufficient cause for termination of any employment; the remainder only underscore Matic's general incompetency -- as you, with your stochastic employment history, should well know. TPI was quite pleased to receive documentation of Matic's poor job performance, so that they could expedite her termination for cause.

Why do you natter on about this, yet completely ignore the complaint filed with the NAACP on your racist hate speech and behaviour towards your African American neighbours? Haven't you been able to think up a good enough lie to excuse your repeated use of the phrase “nigger bitches”?

DA Loprinzi- Arusi put a drug dealer on a pedestal as you came into her apartment building knowing the STATE of OREGON proved her to be DISCRIMINATORY and their had been Gender Discrimination over a 8 month period that is still ongoing. You ignored a state investigation Loprinzi- Arusi?

Silly Lisa, your self-serving BOLI grievance complaints have absolutely nothing to do with your violations of the stalking order against you. Can't one or two of that five-lawyer team you claimed you have explain it to you?

YOU ARE FUCKED. I wonder how much insurance you have Loprinzi- Arusi or is a true desire for you to do dishes for a living! I making myself clear!

You not making youself clear, Lisa. You substandard English rarely is making youself clear. That aside, does the foregoing constitute a threat against DA Arusi Loprinzi? Gee, maybe the guy will have to take out a stalking order against you, in view of your admission during your trial of having stalked him. Tell us, Lisa, do you plan on filing another of your bogus and money-grubbing BOLI “gender discrimination” grievances against the Portland DA's office? What an elevation in targets that will be for you, Lisa!

I love my readership which has now expended to every judicial and social service agency in this city of Portland that is liberal and conservative.

You flatter yourself, Lisa. But, of course, you might as well flatter yourself. You don't inspire anybody else to do it for you.

The hate mob writes me quite often but I do not post their hate. They have their own hate blog dedicated to 100 percent of their writing about me. I have over 320 posts and maybe 10 percent is addressing my freedom and the hate I have endured and still enduring.

Lisa, Lisa, you know and we know that if your imaginary “hate mob” had written you 320 posts, you would have slapped every one of them onto your blog. But maybe you are referring to the comments about you in the Portland Mercury blog? But there were only 14 or so comments there -- and half of them were from YOU.

We are wounded that you think our NOT A GOOD QUEER – OR ANYTHING ELSE blog is a hate blog. We take comfort in the fact that NAGQ-OAE is about posting facts in opposition to your multifarious lies; ergo, “hate blog” is your pet term for facts about you and your antics -- just as “hate mob” is your pet term for those who refuse to goose step when you bark “Sieg heil!”, and “mentorship student” for an underage minor with whom you exchange alcohol and drugs for sex.

I am not afraid of dying, what I am afraid of is LIVIN with your hate in my life.

Then stop inviting it. But the fact of the matter is – you LOVE it. You love and crave attention like a druggie craves a fix.

I REBUKE YOU! FUCK YOU! I though I was well behaved during the trial as you were covering up for the drug addict. I smiled for my MOB SHOT! Thanks for hanging yourself. I am sure you will not be at the new trial.

Not a lot showed up for the old trial, either, old git. Remember the “rally” you held for yourself last year, to winkle money for yourself from the unwary. Nobody showed up at that, either. Nobody cares enough.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!
Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!
Posted by Not a Good Queer at 2:29 PM

One of the authors of the Hate Blog called Not a good Queer or anything else authors is Deborah Johnson. She is Jewish and likes to use hate language.

So, you've added a new author to your “hate blog”, have you, Lisa? And one of three Jews at The Rose, too – how about that? Keep running through the roster of Rose tenants for your guesses as to NAGQ-OAE's identities, Lisa, and you might hit the other Jews, too. But your scattershot will still keep MISSING THE TARGET.

I was a drum circle where her son told me she was threatened to be evicted if she did not stop writing in this blog. She and the other haters have not stopped.

So far as we at NAQG-OAE are aware, no Rose tenant has ever been threatened with eviction for her contributions to our magnificent blog. And no tenant is likely to be evicted, either. That's just more of your scattershot, Lisa. After all, you yourself weren't evicted for your racist hate speech, your vandalising building property, your verbal threats and physical assaults on your neighbours, so why do you imagine that providing NAGC-OAE with facts in opposition to your gobbledygook would result in anyone's eviction?

Deborah son told me that she is an obsessed woman who has a cruel streak. He said that he did not want to be like her. He apologized for her behavior and we gave each other a hug.

Did you give the boy alcohol, pot, and drugs, too, as you did your 17-year-old girlfriend Nicole, last April, in exchange for sex with her? We at NAGQ-OAE fervently hope you didn't. As to your version of your interchange with Deborah's son, the African-American ladies at The Rose who know and love him disbelieve your account – largely because the boy told them, after learning of your racist hate actions against them, that he plans to apply his foot to a certainly broad portion of your anatomy should he ever see you again.

The hate mob uses hate language, I do not. As a matter of fact, I wrote educational materials on anti-Semetism, racism, and heterosexism and showed how they parralled. I am number one on Goggle for Understanding Equality. So I am a racist?

Of course you are, Lisa – unless you have another word for one who, like yourself, bangs on African Americans' doors, screams “nigger!”, then runs away; vandalises African American property, then brags about it; and tells African Americans, in front of nine-year old African American children, “All you nigger bitches do drugs.” Or don't you consider that “hate language”?

And please don't insult NAGQ-OAE's collective intelligence with your claims to have written “educational materials” on “anti-Semetism” and racism. As one of the NAGQ-OAE bloggers advised you, you yourself have repeatedly proven that

a) you are not educated, and
b) you can't write.

Given your inability to write coherently, it is extremely difficult to see how you could have written anything that could be remotely considered “educational”, except by followers of David Duke or the KKK, who are of sufficiently low mentality to view your scrawlings as “educational.”

In future, if you have any urges to babble about antisemitism, do try to spell the word correctly.

Your time is coming, Reach CDC has a lot of money and power. They are supported by the City of Portland and the State.

“A lot of money and power”. That's all it's ever been for you -- right, Lisa? How goes that $1,000,000 settlement you claim you're going to get out of REACH? And the $300,000 – “and MORE!” -- from a domestic violence shelter?

So come on, make a threat, tell me to leave town, make sure you put my name on your cells visitors list.
Not a Good Queer on Google
July 21, 2008 5:27 PM

Why leave town, Lisa? You'd just go to another and bother people there with your hateful antics, then whine and sob when they react. You're the woman who murdered her mother and father, then threw herself on the mercy of the court because she was an orphan.

Why not try to change your behaviour? That would be your best bet. You might even get a life out of it.

We still rise! (despite our inclinations to sleep in)


Lisa writes:

Hate Mobs Blog
This is the owners signature of the hate blog called Not a Good QUeer or Anything Else.
terai toujours plus haut que mon cul! ought to be Lisa's sig tag
This means something about ones head up their ass but I am not sure.

Wrong, as usual, Lisa dear. What, exactly, was the foreign language you took as part of your alleged MA/Education? English? Whatever it was, you failed it.

....terai toujours plus haut que mon cul makes no sense, like your writings when your buddy Paul doesn't vet them -- or you paste them from other sources and fail to give credit to the real author.-- In the above instance, you fail at pasting. Don't worry, though, we can glean what you're attempting to say.

The hate mob will be emailing me and telling me the correct interpetation.

Your “hate mob” is unlikely to be emailing you anything -- unless you receive email in the interstices between your ears, which is largely where your “hate mob” resides. Come to think of it, though, it's likely you do – and voice mail, too.

The funny thing is that these haters were warned not to publish anymore but recently they have increase their hate activity.

Really, Lisa? When were your imaginary “haters” “warned not to publish anymore”? Publish what, and who warned them? What “hate activity” has increased? Is “hate activity” your pet term for presenting facts in opposition to your rubbish?

I have copied everything on line. As I know their are many writers of this hate blog, I know one Rose tenant that speaks French and German, etc. She is a one of the biggest haters named Deborah Johnson. Hey Deb, keep writing because the more you write the more my damages are, so keep writing, you are making me famous.......

Once again, you prove you know very little, Lisa, and have a curious fondness for displaying it. Our preference here at NAGQ-OAE being for checking facts, as opposed to your penchant for spewing without regard to them, we discovered that Deborah does NOT speak French or German. But don't let facts get in your way.

Alas for your claim to fame, it's mostly negative. Comments on you from the blogosphere include: “One of the biggest nuts on the streets" “A bully that is trying to work the system” “A self-serving manipulator” “Clinically insane" “Obviously nuts” ”Seemingly chemically unbalanced” “Paranoid, violent, and crazy” “Mentally ill and needs treatment” “A crazy, violent, stalking, tire slashing psycho who may turn on anyone at anytime, and she likes to make up bullshit lawsuits” “One of the most abrasive, sick people I have come across” “An extremely abusive person” “A very angry person with no positive outlet” “A serial bully and pathological liar looking for attention” “Not a model citizen of Portland by any reasonable person's definition”

Not exactly the sort of “fame” you'd care to write home about, is it, Lisa?

By the way, Lisa, do the folks back home know what you're up to?

Also, If your so proud of your blog, why are you mispelling my name as the author of your hate! The first thing haters do, is steal your identity than start calling authorities and filling false stalking orders.

How amusing -- a spelling rebuke from one who has trouble spelling “their”, and can't distinguish it from “there”, and misspells “mispelling”, to boot. We refrain from a more thorough consideration of the phrase “my name as the author of your hate”, except to note in passing that this seems quite a Freudian slip.

NAGQ-OAE have almost as great a respect for the English language as we have for fact – two qualities rarely, if ever, seen in you, Lisa. Is your legal name not Lisa Mary Iacuzzi? Is that not how it appears in the pleading headers of State of Oregon v. Lisa Mary Iacuzzi on citation no. Z1621963, as well as on that citation itself? Are you not the Lisa Mary Iacuzzi issued ODL# 7887155 with DOB 7/03/1963, and do the records of your November/December 2007 incarceration in the Multnomah County jail not reflect the spelling of your legal name Lisa Mary Iacuzzi? If so, then we at NAGQ-OAE have certainly never misspelled your legal name.

FYI, the State of Oregon has neither time nor money to waste on one's “filling false stalking orders”. Your games with stalking orders, your trial and incarceration for your violations of the same, your money-grubbing BOLI grievances over imaginary slights, are none of them based on falsehoods, except in your mind. All are the result of your own self-destructive antics, and it's disheartening that you have no intention of putting an end to it.

I am not afraid of dying, but what I am afraid of is having you constantly in my life

Didn't you just write this? Ah, no. You wrote: “I am not afraid of dying, what I am afraid of is LIVIN with your hate in my life. I REBUKE YOU! FUCK YOU!”

Our error.

which is why the MOB will be taken down, and arrested for their hate crimes. It will be just a matter of time....

Do tell us exactly what “hate crimes” your imaginary “hate mob” have committed against you, Lisa. So far as we at NAGQ-OAE have been able to determine, the only “hate crimes” your cherished hate mob has committed is failing and refusing to goosestep whenever you bark “sieg heil!”

Perhaps you considered it a “hate crime” when your African American neighbours filed a complaint with the NAACP over your repeated racist slurs and attacks? Is calling a nine-year old African American girl and her grandmother “nigger bitches” NOT hate speech when the speech is yours, Lisa?

Do tell us about these “hate crimes,” Lisa. Inquiring minds would like to know.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!
Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

Not apologizing for your hateful antics – as well as your refusal to acknowledge them – is part and parcel of one of your major mental problems, Lisa.

I have 15 responses on my moderation page from the hate mob.

Shtuyot. Those “15 responses” are on the Portland Mercury's blog, not yours, all of them responses to Matt Davis's silly puff piece on you. And half of them are yours. Most of the remainder are from your former fellow employees. How surprising that their opinion of you is even lower that those we have seen from your former neighbors.

Does that tell you anything, Lisa? Alas, it probably won't even register.

We still rise! (despite our inclinations to sleep in)


Dear, oh dear Lisa, after the excellent beginning you made when you admitted “I am guitly” and “I am an asshole” -- admission of personal error being a step on the road to wisdom -- you had to go and spoil it.

Asking for Evidence

Are you really asking for evidence, Lisa? Let's see.....

portland police arrested me on Nov 11, 2007.

You were arrested Monday morning, 12th November 2007, after the most recent of your repeated violations of one of the temporary protective stalking orders issued by the court against you.

My statement was missing form the police report. Why?

Lisa dear, as you should know, police reports don't usually include lengthy statements from arrestees. This is due, partly, to space limitations on the report form; partly to the volume of reports which police are required to write in the course of a day's work, particularly on minor matters such as your peccadilloes; and partly because no one likes reading lengthy reports, and the police don't like writing them. Moreover, space on the report was taken up by your hitting, kicking, and screeching obscenities at the arresting officers, so that they had to shackle you, and then spitting on them, so that they had to muzzle you.

If the foregoing doesn't satisfy, you can ask one of that “team of five lawyers” you claim to have, or maybe write a letter to your sister Chris, the award-winning paralegal with the huge New Jersey law firm, who has “solved” so many cases.

A false accusation from one the the hate mobs led police to come to a 911 call. This women was hysterical on the phone staing that she was trapped in a corner by her stalker. The truth is that I have a stalking order on this women and she could just walk out the door which could be touched by the phone cord. Thier was a security guard in the lobby, and a night manager and a maintenace guy. But she said that she was bieng trapped.

My goodness, Lisa, it's amazing how you manage to compact so much rubbish into a few sentences. You're a walking (waddling?) verbal trash compactor. If you're asking for evidence, the evidence shows that: Your victim made no false accusation. You were observed racing from floor to floor, and corridor to corridor, in a clear attempt to blockade your victim's egress from the building. You were also heard verbally taunting her. It's immaterial whether any “door could be touched by the phone cord” or not, as was your retaliatory temporary protective stalking order.

There was indeed a security guard on duty that morning, who witnessed most of your childish antics. The “maintenace guy” was not around. There was no night manager, nor has there ever been one.

The evidence shows that your victim was indeed “bieng trapped” by you, in one of your characteristic childish games of provocation, and your motive was nothing more than to harass your emotionally fragile victim.

The series of threats of physical harm you had recently issued to a number of residents should be noted.

In short, Lisa, you violated the order against you.

The police came and they came for one thing, they came to finally arrest me. They had enough calls that made their presence a daily event.

Of course they came to arrest you, Lisa, but their appearance was hardly the “daily event” you claim. Do try not to exaggerate.

The Portland Police were will aware since they were given a document by residents who malaigned me to the point of abuse beyond that any one human being can endure. This document was sent to the portland Police and to two particular officers Andrew Koefed and Offcer Fulitano.

Clearly, you are still in the dark as to the nature of that “document” you keep nattering about; your scattershot references show it, as does your uncertainty as to whether it was eight pages or fourteen pages. We here at NAGQ-OAE have seen it, and it was neither. Suffice to say that you were not “malaigned” in it; your comment that it contained “abuse beyond that any one human being can endure” is nothing more than your usual childish and grotesque hyperbole.

For your future reference, Lisa, the subject of that “document” was your disturbing and destructive behaviour at The Rose since the inception of your residency. It set forth your repeated violations of your lease provisions; your violent and threatening antics; your deliberate, willful, and malicious harassment of tenants, chief among whom were gay women and the African American women whom you made the targets of your abuse and racist hate speech; and your general conduct of yourself in a such manner that disturbed tenants' peaceful enjoyment of the premises. It further set forth details of your erratic and destructive antics, and included dates, times, and places. It was composed by legal professionals, and was attested to by the signatures of approximately two-thirds of the tenants who either witnessed or were the targets of the same.

Those are the facts, Lisa. But, as per your usual, we assume you won't let facts get in your way. You never do.

Officer Fulitano warned me that some judge may beleieve that drug addict and your going to get in trouble. This building is for women only and trans need a place they can be that is safe. I agree with Fulitano, I was not safe,

We pass over your allegations as to Officer Fulitano's comments, as, once again, the sole source is highly dubious. The building is indeed a residence for women only – excluding male personnel – as are some rather exclusive and expensive residences in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and elsewhere.

Immediately prior to your residency, a tenant who was in the process of transgendering opted to move elsewhere. The reason s/he gave was that the process had reached the point where s/he no longer felt s/he could reside in a building for women, as he felt himself more of a man than a woman. That was his option. Contrary to your alleged experiences, at no time did he express any feeling that he felt unsafe, nor did any tenant express concerns for her safety around him. To this day, he remains on close and friendly terms with a number of tenants – including those tenants whom you variously place in your “hate mob.”

Does that tell you something, Lisa?

I carried my camera around and tried my hardest to stay safe.

“Tried your hardest,” did you? You didn't try too hard. You carried around your cell phone and, later, your little camera, for the sole purpose of videoing the defensive reactions from tenants -- which you yourself provoked by jumping out and shoving waving your camera at them, while taunting them with your usual brand of childish insults and malicious harassing antics.

Evidently you've forgotten your antics of 14th October 2007, when you physically assaulted a crippled homeless man, then taunted those who came to his rescue, and videoed their reaction.

The Da told the jury that my stalking order was that I could only come in and out of the building when In fact it was modified to, no intentional contact.

If you're going to reference what the order says, Lisa, it would be best to quote directly from the order. That way it will be intelligible, as well as believable. In any case, your contact with your victim was at all times intentional.

More to come, the cover up of Drugs at the Rose by the DA's office and Portland Police and even the city of Portland?

Do tell, Lisa. We at NAGQ-OAE will be fascinated by your saga of the attempted cover-up of Drugs At The Rose on the part of the District Attorney's office, the Portland Police, and the City of Portland. Please get your buddy Paul Hamilton to vet the saga for you, though. We'd like to be able to read it without the usual inconveniences of your substandard and often-incoherent language.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!
Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

A more appropriate sig for you, Lisa, would be what you admitted on 5th July, to wit:

I am an asshole.
Posted by Not a Good Queer at 12:14 PM

Now that's more like it, Lisa, you dear old git.

We notice you've omitted that “MA@PSU” from your sig. Have you finally given over the fiction of your master's degree? If so, kudos to you.

Not A Good Queer – or Anything Else
We still rise! (despite our inclinations to sleep in)



On 12th June 2008, the Portland Mercury ran a puff piece on Lisa and her “suit” against the Bradley-Angle domestic violence shelter. Along with basic fact-checking, investigative journalism seems to have been somewhat lacking, as the Mercury's sole source of information was Lisa herself, which makes the fluff about as valid as A History of the Jewish People written by Adolf Hitler.

What follows is a number of comments on the Mercury's fluff. Lisa, naturally, responded to every one of the comments. Most of Lisa's comments have been elided, due to space considerations, and because we've heard her apologiae pro sua vita before.

We note, with some surprise, that Lisa's former fellow employees have a far lower opinion of her, if possible, than any we have heard from her former neighbours.

With our customary modesty, we at NAGQ-OAE point to the favorable comments on our magnificent blog.

Here are the comments. Enjoy.

Not A Good Queer-Or Anything Else
Still we rise! (despite our inclinations to sleep late)


Suing a women's shelter: Class.
Posted by C-Ho | June 12, 2008 9:51 AM

I thought Bradley Angle House had a specific program for an all genders queer support group (among MANY other support groups). I'm wondering if when they gave her/him info for the male shelter, they were just trying to offer her/him as many options as possible. Every experience with women's shelters/crisis lines in the Portland area I've had have been extremely queer/transgender friendly.
Posted by Hmmm | June 12, 2008 12:31 PM

Also, if the case has merit, then I'm glad Iacuzzi is pursuing it to the extent that discriminatory policies could be fixed. However, to try to get money from a shelter seems really wrong. You'll just be taking it away from other people in need. People donate to that shelter hoping to help families in need, not to pay for lawsuits.
Posted by Hmmm | June 12, 2008 12:37 PM

Yowza! I can see that Lisa/Lee is angry.

"I think this behavior is consistent with the womens community who throw rocks and then cry victim!" - False generalization?

"How about Bradley Angle House changing their programs to be EQUAL for trans folk and stop their discriminatory policies." - I agree that they should stop discriminatory policies if those exist... but they are a 'women's' shelter who support women and children who are trying to escape from domestic abuse. Was their transgender/queer support group not in place when you were at their shelter?

"How about the 15 times I called the police for death threats and Bradley Angle house who works with the police never came to interfere or stop the abuse." It is awful that you have had to live through this, but is it the Bradley Angle's house's responsibility to come to your house? I think most advocates would leave that up to the police (even if just for liability reasons alone).

"They also case managed residents who I lived with who they did not stop but encouraged them for a "women" only environment." - I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I imagine that a lot of women who are escaping abusive situations feel safer in a shelter that consists of women. The fact that Lee/Lisa sometimes identifies as a man may have triggered fear in some of the women.

I was just voicing concerns over some issues I see rising out of Lee/Lisa's lawsuit. I was always willing to give Lee/Lisa the benefit of the doubt...but maybe not anymore.
Posted by Hmmm | June 12, 2008 10:29 PM

It is unfortunate to see that the Mercury is giving any time whatsoever to the Lee/Lisa story. While there is no question that discrimination of any type is a serious problem of society, what this article fails to realize, is that this person is certainly not a model citizen of Portland by any reasonable person's definition. While one wants to empathize with someone who feels they are being discrimated against, one should also consider the source. Lee/Lisa is well-knowned throughout this city as several of Portland's Finest put it "one of the biggest nuts on the streets." he/he has a long record of mental illness, arrests, restraining orders, and frivilous lawsuits. Just read the NOT A GOOD QUEER BLOG, to get a sense of how convuoleted his/her sense of reality really is. While there is not question that he/she may have to deal with a great amount of ignorance and most likely prejudice from the greater populace regarding his/her gender identification, it is asinine for him/her to sue places like the Bradley House, bc it takes $ from the very services that were there to help him/her in the first place.

If you get beyond his/her sanctimonious reheoric, you'll find that Lee/Lisa is nothing more than an bully that is trying to work the system under the guise of someone who is being oppressed.
Posted by j | June 13, 2008 12:38 AM

The Mercury and specifically Matt Davis totally fucked this story up. "Crazy Lisa" (to those who know her well) is "clinically insane" (seriously no joke or exaggeration) and has even been on Judge Judy for punching a pacifist in the face. I worked with her directly and know for a fact that she has unprovoked attacked people (even challenged me to a fight) and has slashed many tires. To leave out the facts that- Lee/Lisa is well-known throughout this city as several of Portland's Finest put it "one of the biggest nuts on the streets." he/he has a long record of mental illness, arrests, restraining orders, and frivolous lawsuits is unconscionable journalism. All of these court cases are part of public record and journalists have tools beyond Google like LexisNexis to research stories like this, so if the Mercury wants any credibility at all it their reports should at least attempt to get their facts straight and present the full story.

This (the violence and unstability) is all part of public record so Matt Davis who wrote this article is either sloppy and does not know how to do basic journalistic research or deliberately misrepresented the facts for a better story, which amounts to either being stoopid or an asshole hack.

Now lets move on to "Crazy Lee/Lisa". Once again I worked with her directly and yes she was nuts. We actually had a goodbye, friendly party for her when she at one time decided to move away from Portland and moved to Boston, and many people where relieved that she was leaving because she was obviously nuts. But then she returned and renewed old acquaintances, and then for some reason declared war on everyone and started attacking people- physically and slashing tires. We wondered what set her off and to be truthful many believe that it's the whole bigendered thing. Now when I say "the whole bigendered thing" it's not the fact that Lee/Lisa has gender issues- it's more along the lines that she was seemingly chemically unbalanced to begin with and all of the hormones and testosterone that goes into a sex change set her over the edge. The next thing we knew she could be found daily with a bull horn shouting poorly contrived rants at passerbies walking on Hawthorne past the Baghdad Theater. Soon afterwards she went on her violent rampage of fist fighting and slashing tires. She is paranoid, violent, and crazy- need I say more?

Anyhow I would identify myself except I know that she will damn well be reading this and I do not want to be on her revenge list because she is dangerous and could potentially hurt people.
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 2:40 AM

My advice is if you ever come across this person avoid eye contact, and for God's sakes do not let *her know where you live or what car you drive! And whether *she goes to jail for *her last escapade is not the issue- *she is mentally ill and needs treatment, or at least kept away form the public for being a threat to *herself and others.

*Sorry about referring to Lee/Lisa as she or herself instead of some convoluted she/he/it preface. But to reiterate Lee/Lisa should is a very poor choice for the abused transgender poster child- the only worst choice I could think of would be Buffalo Bill, the fictional transgender serial killer from Silence of the Lambs- the one who abducted women and skinned them.

So to end on a positive note I can say this about Lee/Lisa- she is very, very good at training dogs. Really amazing!

Also maybe we could help heal the transgender issue by thinking of some better role models. So maybe let us know who is your favorite transgender personality and why?
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 3:14 AM

My apologies for some of my poorly worded entries above, but it's late night and my proof reading is off. Anyhow the fuse has been lit, so let’s watch the fireworks fly!
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 3:30 AM

Just for shits and giggles. John Smoak is Talbot Wallace. He is the manager at the Portland International Hostel. Talbot was just a hosteller when I met him and when he was homeless, I let him stay longer at the hostel. He eventually got on the board and bad mouthed me because I would not invite him to an event that many board members attended. I thought he was and still is a child. He obssessed about me like some many closet gays who get obssessed about people that they can not control. He was given the assistant managers job eventhough this was a clear violation of board ethics.

He then had hostellers cleaning his own private residence and then stay free at the hostel. Then having women from the hostel hot tub with him at his home. Poor Talbot has quite a labido problem and he just does not have any boundaries to his job. It is unfortunate that the Portland Hostel has allowed his behavior against me without holding him accountable. I did make a sexual harrassment complaint about him but Talbot kept trying to tell them that I was crazy to avoid the truth of his behavior.
But I still have a relationship with a board member who understands Queer oppression who will take care of poor Talbot Wallace's sorry ass.

Thanks for publically calling me crazy. When I was transitioning, Talbot took it upon himself to call me crazy. I was going to sue the organization but I figured Talbot would bury himself.

Thanks for the easy pay back!

Not a Good Queer on Google
Posted by Lee Iacuzzi | June 13, 2008 2:39 PM

Compassion automatically brings happiness and calmness. Then, even if you receive disturbing news, it will be easier to take, as your mind is still. But if you are agitated, even a minor happening will upset you greatly.
Posted by Veronica Lake | June 13, 2008 3:59 PM

First off I am not Talbot, but I am friends with Talbot. Talbot is one of the people who has a restraining order against Lisa because she has slashed his tires multiply times, and threatened him. If you happen to be around Lisa she will accuse you of anything under the sun especially sexual harassment. Talbot and other people have told Lisa on many occasions basically:
1) I do not want any trouble.
2) Please just leave us alone.
3) What did we ever do to you?
4) If you persist in stalking and threatening me and my friends or slash my tires again we will be forced to call the police.

Once again this is not Talbot- Talbot is happily married with a wife and they are raising a little girl and they just want to be left alone. They would really prefer to be at the bottom of the list of "Lisa's enemies".

As far as who I am- let's just say that I am an immature jerk who enjoys pissing off bullies, and can not resist throwing rocks at a wasp's nest to watch them go into a buzzing frenzy.

On a serious note though- the Mercury really dropped the ball taking by taking Lisa's side, and some simple research would show that she has been committed to a loony bin and is prescribed serious medication for mental issues, has been arrested for acts of violence and stalking, has restraining orders against her, has sued many people for frivolous lawsuits and sexual harassment.

As far as Talbot goes nobody- especially Talbot has any understanding as to why Lisa suddenly started going after him. Lisa was once a hostel manager and moved away to Boston. Then after another manager stepped down Talbot became the manager. When Lisa moved back to town at first they where on good terms then she went on her rampage of attacking people and slashing tires. And doing a lot of ranting with a bull horn in front of the Baghdad Theater. She actually used the bull horn a lot and would stand out side court houses after she lost her lawsuits shouting nonsense.

As far as the trans or bi gender issue goes- nobody cares what sex Lisa is. Only Lisa wants to make her identity into an issue- people just want to go along peaceably and not be psychically threatened by a nutso menace.

People are concerned because she is a crazy, violent, stalking, tire slashing psycho who may turn on anyone at anytime, and she likes to make up bullshit lawsuits.

Finally I will not reveal myself because I do not want to have Lisa come and try kill me in my sleep.

Favorite line from Hitchhiker's Guide Series: "Zaphod did not want to tangle with them and, deciding that just as discretion was the better part of valor, so was cowardice the better part of discretion, he valiantly hid himself in a closet."

Lisa can come out of whatever closet she wants to but I am hiding in mine from she/he/it.
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 4:46 PM

The real reason for posting on this blog is the next time Lee/Lisa goes after someone they will know who they are dealing with.

Here's a quote from her entry above #14:
"Also, get use to me getting press, because it is just the beginning."

This is actually the end. No more press for Lee/Lisa- this Mercury article is the most fame she will ever get or have, and it is already forgotten. She can have her MySpace page and her crazy ass blog, but that is about it. Her 15 minutes ia over- nobody is oppressing her, nobody is picking on her, and nobody is going after her. Mostly nobody cares. Her desperate need for attention will not get press again- that is unless she goes overboard and hurts someone.

Did anyone think it strange that a women's shelter would go out of their way to pick on a woman?

The fact of the matter is that the world is not out to get Lisa. Lisa may think that, since she has paranoid schizophrenic tendencies, but in reality the world would rather just go about its own business.

My work is now done here because the next time someone has to Google Lisa Iacuzzi because she is threatening them- this blog will pop up and they will know what they are dealing with.

PS Also when she goes to court on Monday her long record of arrests for violence, destruction, and stalking will weigh in on the court's decision, so at least for a while the world will be safe from Lee/Lisa. God help her cell mate!
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 5:32 PM

Lisa, you are once again off your meds and totally insane. It's nice to see that you've taken libel to whole new level. Can't wait to see you in prison---again!
Posted by DD | June 13, 2008 6:05 PM

This has all been great fun.
I think the story in Just Out talks about Bradley Angle and the trans community as a whole. Again, Bradley Angle has not been sued, my lawyers have shown an outrageous amount of work and dedication to trans rights. Matt Ellis is looking for a solution to end this problem so people like me will get safety. Letigation will take years which is not what the trans community needs.

Reach CDC is a huge organization with 988 units in the city and their womens' housing is only a small representation of their organization. Reach CDC has at least a three history with other gays in the building where they demonstrated severe negligence.

Lying in Court, and having someone deliberately arrested and harassed is over the top. Anytime that someone faces discrimination, their is a cost. Sometimes one does not live through it, it was close for me. Reach was hellish malicious expereince.
Not a Good Queer on google
Posted by Not a Good Queer | June 13, 2008 6:22 PM

Great fun? Really like the time your where in court and they played the tapes of the messages you left threatening a friend of mine repeatedly. (That was brilliant! and showed intelligence! Of course you denied ever threatening anyone but thankfully my friend had the foresight to save all your phone messages). Great fun? like when Judge Judy questioned you about your mental health and all the heavy meds you where on, and decided that you unprotected attacked another friend of mine? SURE! I would get SANCTIMONIOUS right about now. I also remember when you came over to a friend of mine's house and demanded that he give you a bag of weed or you would kick his ass. Of course he gave you the weed, so that you would leave, but you still returned the next day and punched him in the face. (We still joke about how he got beat up by a girl, but Lee/Lisa really does pack a wallop!!!(and to be fair he really is a pacifist))

By the way if you are following this flame war the above statements are true with the identities of Lisa's victims left out.

So I agree this is great fun! Hope you enjoy all the great fun in jail after Monday. Maybe one day you will follow your restraining orders, but to be fair you have so many of them it will be hard to be anywhere in Portland where you won't be bumping into someone you are courted order to stay 30 yards away from at all times.
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 8:07 PM

Well I guess congratulations are in order! By the way have you been standing on any street corners lately shouting at people with your bull horn? Did the courts finally take it away from you? For a while you were a landmark- the crazy shouting lady in front of the Baghdad Theater.

Your one person movement is really amazing! Normally a movement is more than one person off there meds running around attacking people, but sure we will all go along with this one. It would be nice if your "movement" had other people in it, but then again you would most likely attack them sooner or later. Still you must be proud to bask in the glory of suing women's shelters and community non-profit groups- essentially anyone forced to deal with you.

The fact is your past is catching up to you. The court system is going to get tired of dealing with you- and if you want to be made a hero for your last escapade of breaking your restraining order go ahead!

I should not being jabbing at you right now- I should as others are doing encourage you to get back on your meds. The fact is sooner or later everyone will know your reputation and no one will want to have anything to do with Lee/Lisa Iacuzzi.

By the way it is really unclear just what these shelters are doing to you. Really just how are they discriminating against you- just seemed like they were trying to find a nice way to get rid of you without resorting to calling in the cops. You of course took their kindness and sued them for trying to be decent and give you a break. They obviously did not know who they were dealing with.
Posted by John Smoak | June 13, 2008 11:13 PM

At the very top of the page Matt Davis asserts that Not A Good Queer Or Anything Else,is a hate blog run by Rose tenants,and he provides a link. If you take a look at the site you will see that is dedicated to how to deal with the menace that is Lee/Lisa Iacuzzi who was terrorising the inhabitants of the Rose. (All anyone has to do to get on Lisa's revenge list is to be perceived as friends of someone she has it in for.)

After taking a look at the site I now wonder why Matt Davis is getting involved and why he is misrepresenting Iacuzzi as a victim. Before I was wondering if Matt Davis did not have the facts because he did not do his research before he submitted this story, but it seems that he did in fact have an inkling of Lisa's past and deliberately left out obviously important facts like all of her previous court cases, arrests, and mental illness issues.

This is a clear case of trying to make a story out of nothing. Also using Lisa to represent the plight of transgendered people is really insulting. What minority wants to be linked associated with someone who has a history of violence and mental illness? Lisa does not want to work for change. She is just looking for a way to entrap an organization and sue for a quick buck.

If anyone is still reading this you can be the judge (Just seems everyone is just tired of living in terror of Lisa) Either go to http://notagoodqueer-oae.blogspot.com/ or you can read the following copied directly from Not A Good Queer Or Anything Else:

DO NOT approach Lisa Iacuzzi.

AVOID Lisa Iacuzzi. 29 days in the jail psycho ward should give you a clue why.

DO NOT show fear. Serial bullies like Lisa feed on fear; when you show it, it only encourages them to escalate their abuse. Don't feed the monkey; ignore Lisa as if she isn't there.

One tenant reports a face-to-face encounter in which Lisa castigated the tenant for signing a “document” (or “petition” -- Lisa is still vague as to what, exactly, a majority of Rose tenants signed. Lisa's claim that it was full of lies can be dismissed as the gibberish it is). To be sure, Lisa's threats were only of the vague “I'll get you!” variety, as opposed to the concrete “When I get out, I'm gonna kill you!” threat Lisa uttered during her arrest in November.

The tenant's calm response in this encounter caused the usual response in Lisa: she scuttled off. Of course, this calm response or no-response tactic falls flat, in the face of another person who encountered Lisa. When Lisa attempted to photograph her with her ubiquitous cell, that person grabbed the cell, told Lisa that if she took her picture again, she'd shove it up...... er, where the sun doesn't shine. Lisa's reaction was the same: she scuttled off. It's the usual response of a coward, which is what a bully is, and Lisa is nothing if not a bully. But that's not a response most of us would prefer to engage in.

If an encounter with Lisa is unavoidable, remain calm and DO NOT run. If Lisa taunts you and tries to provoke you, DO NOT react. Or, if you feel you must respond, either laugh her off, or tell her, kindly, “I'll be praying for you, Lisa.” But make sure you mean it.

Bear in mind that, despite her vicious antics, Lisa Iacuzzi is a human being, and a deeply disturbed one. It's possible she's menopausal, which would make it worse. Whatever hatred she has shown to others must be nowhere near as great as her hatred of herself. Considering the viciousness Lisa has shown to others, especially to African Americans and gay women, her self-hatred must be a terrible burden for her to bear. Lisa Iacuzzi is more to be pitied than anything else.

The best thing to do, if you encounter Lisa, can't avoid her, feel you can't ignore her harassment, feel you will burst if you don't respond, simply tell her as kindly as you can, “I'll be praying for you, Lisa.”

Thanks again Matt for inferring that this is a "hate" blog, and that the tenants that live at the Rose are a bunch of intolerant haters and gay bashers. Really- your best work yet!

So how are you going to top this? Are you going to start defending the person who puts poison meat in parks to kill dogs- you might as well if you are press and defending giving to Iacuzzi. Journalistic integrity must seem like an idealistic joke to you.
Posted by John Smoak | June 14, 2008 1:12 AM

Talbot Wallace is a responsible, intelligent, caring, and civil person who would never have anything to do with anything this nasty and stupid. TO BE VERY CLEAR HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BLOG!

Furthermore Talbot Wallace is a great guy who is involved in many community projects and Portland is lucky to have him.

He and his family understandably want to be left out of this mess. They have really solid good priorities and causing trouble is not one of them.

So I really screwed up in inadvertently getting his name mentioned in this blog. Also it never occurred to me that I would be mistaken for him. He is an upstanding professional and would never stoop to anything this crass. I owe him his family and friends an apology.

So please leave him out of this discussion.

I feel that I have both very legitimate and illegitimate reasons for posting on this blog, but I would have forgoed it, if I thought that my friends or others would have been mentioned in the slightest.

Finally Lee I will address you directly (albeit anonymously) just this once- T.W. contacted me directly and asked me to make sure you knew that he knew nothing about this blog until after the fact and does not want to stir up any trouble.

Posted by John Smoak | June 15, 2008 1:06 AM

lee is an extremely negative individual who does nothing for the community. I am very disappointed that the Mercury gave lee a half of a page article. As someone who has been involved in the community for years, I have come in contact with Lee numerous times. He/She is one of the most abrasive, sick people I have come across. He/She is verbally abusive to numerous folks. I am really embarrassed for the Mercury. Is no one on your staff at all involved in the community? Lee is notorious for being an abusive, dangerous person. And i think you all should address that in your next issue. I, like numerous other folks who are active in the community, was disturbed by the press he/she recieved. It's wrong.
Posted by m.skinner | June 15, 2008 2:41 AM

The reason Bradley Angle house never came to "stop the abuse" is because Lee/Lisa is an extremely abusive person him/herself. I have worked in the social services field for 8 years in Portland, and I know of numerous agencies who have had difficulties with this person. Lee/Lisa's problems are not just a result of their bigendered identification. It is a result of their abusive, manipulative behavior.
Posted by ashley | June 15, 2008 2:49 AM

I just read some of Lee's comments. Lee says " He obssessed about me like some many closet gays who get obssessed about people that they can not control"

What are you talking about? You not only don't make any sense, but you are also are voicing some really negative stereotypes about "closet gays". You show a complete lack of sensitivity. You aren't doing this to help people. And you're not an ally at all. You say negative things about "closet gays" but expect people to side with you?

You aren't an ally. You're a very angry person with no positive outlet. You feed off of fear and negativity, and that's extremely sad.
Posted by m.skinner | June 15, 2008 2:58 AM


"Tis but thy name that is my enemy. What's in a name? That which we will call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet."

Alas! Alas! if only Sir Shakespeare but knew of the tragedy of the star and gender crossed Lee/Lisa...

I would like to bury the hatchet on this one by addressing issues that LEEE has presented in this blog.

Evidentially by calling this person still legally named "Lisa Iacuzzi", Lisa I am being insensitive to a segment of society.

TO QUOTE LEEE: Nobody calls me Lisa. I say calling me Lisa and not by my gender name is transphobia. When people say Lisa, I correct them quickly. Lee can be both he and she. I do sign my name Lisa to my work for psychological purposes. I lived 39 years as Lisa.

Firstly LEEE infers that Lisa can only be she a she name and not a he name- I feel that this is untrue and a slap in the face to anyone who identifies as a male and wants to be "Lisa" for whatever reason. For example what of Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" But she is right names are important.

Perhaps dialogue from the movie Airplane expresses it best:

Surely you can't be serious.

RUMCAK(Leslie Nielsen):
I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

The reason why I referred to her as Lisa is because in her own words "I lived 39 years as Lisa." I only knew her as "Lisa" and then a few restraining orders later more commonly "Crazy Lisa".

To the best of our knowledge the moment she decided to publicly announce that her preferred name was "Lee" was on the Judge Judy show, which came as news to us all! However, we thought at first it was just a publicity stunt and had no idea the name was supposed to stick for good. Also LEEE states that no pronoun can describe her, which does cause difficulties in referring to her in 2nd person. Matt Davis attempted the he/she vehicle; however it is not fully appropriate. The only known similar delihima was when Prince decided that he no longer had a name at all, so a perplexed media started to calling him "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince". With Lisa something in a similar vein may work like "the person who may no longer be referred to as he or she for being insentive for reasons that are to complicated to get into just now", which for convince sake may be shortened to the acronym: tpwmnlbrtahosfbifrtatctgijn which just sort of rolls of the tongue. This would avoid complications like when Judge Judy addressed LEEE "Ma'am, I mean Sir- whatever" if Judge Jude had instead just used the soon to be widespread word “tpwmnlbrtahosfbifrtatctgijn”.

By the way I am trade registering the word "tpwmnlbrtahosfbifrtatctgijn", so hands off Mercury!!!

A better word for referring to LEEE in 2nd person might be just to remove the / in he/she and just have a new pronoun "heshe" pronounced "Hee'-sheey" which can refer to someone who wants to claim either both genders or neither. And the posseive form could be "heher" pronounced "Hee'-hur" not to be confused with the similar sounding "Hee'-haw".

I am also patenting the word "heshe" and "heher", so hands off Matt Davis!!!

Also now that I know that Lisa's idea to call hesheself (it's mine!)Lee, and it was not just a stunt or a new fad she was trying out I will refer to her as Lee. The whole Lee/Lisa thing could be avoided if she would just legally change her name to what she wants to be called- I do not think it is fair to be accused of being obsessed by referring to someone by their legal name. By the way LEE sarcastic thanks for earlier referring to me as Joan instead of John- at first it hut but it has started to stir up the most curious feelings and I kinda like... ur, um, wait where am I going with this?

To mack a long story short what I just meant to say is Sure no problem!- Instead of referring to heher as "Crazy Lisa" heher estranged friends will just start calling heher "Crazy Lee" instead.
Posted by John Smoak | June 15, 2008 3:58 PM

To John Smoak:

Until, Mr. Smoake (sic) and Mirrors, you have your own objective study supporting your claims, we can safely ignore your comments - and move on to a productive discussion based on those issues that have been objectively verified.

Matt Davis's article is based on an objective investigation of Reach CDC by Kerry Johnson from the Bureau of Labor and Industry - who found that Lee's claim of discrimination was true.

How is it possible that an institution like The Bradley Angle House that is supposed to be protecting the most vulnerable people in our society - is given non-profit status by our government and is allowed free reign to discriminate against transgendered people?

Paul Hamilton
Posted by Paul Hamilton | June 15, 2008 6:35 PM

I agree!

Hopefully Lee wins and get the $350,000 that is rightfully hers, and then can go on to sue that other place.

Posted by Shirley | June 15, 2008 6:56 PM

There is no such thing as bi-gendered. There is such a thing as a hermaphrodite wherein someone possesses both types of sexual organs fully or vestigially. "Gender" is a psychological term, a social term and the "gender" wars are about power not a plea for understanding.

No one is born with the "wrong gender" or with both "genders". It is not physically possible. The term "gender" is a social construct not a physical state of being. Sexual organs are a physical state of being. They have a limited use and do not make you buy shoes or like football.

People are socialized to believe things about "gender" and make decisions to accept or deny social behaviors based on false concepts about how "gender" relates to behavior.

There is power in stereotypes and "gender" is laden with them. The individuals who seek alternate gender recognition are doing so because they perceive a level of power available in the gender they do not possess. The desire for this social acceptance based on the general affirmation of a stereotype causes intellectual conflict within and without.

The use of emotional and social manipulation to "prove" they have the "wrong gender" is driven by the need to gain the power that the stereotype they wish to embody will give them. Hiding behind "gender misidentification" allows them to demand that society help them to ignore their deeper psychological issues (all of which were created by social concepts which certain aspects of society benefit from by keeping in place)

The "gender" wars are not helping anyone. They are not helping society. They are selfish and petty and further damage any ability for people to be human instead of characters.
Posted by an Observer | June 19, 2008 5:48 PM


Kiala Says:
June 14th, 2008 at 2:03 am
I have to ask why you are failed to mention Lee/Lisa Iacuzzi’s history of assaulting, and threatening people with violence? There are plenty of court cases, restraining orders, and police reports that verify this. She was even on Judge Judy for attacking someone.

Matt Davis Says:
June 14th, 2008 at 6:56 am
And who are you, John?

John Smoak Says:
June 14th, 2008 at 10:37 am
I am a guy who used to work with Lisa. 3 of my friends have been to court over her either stalking or assaulting them. Some of these guys have restraining orders against her and she has slashed tires on a few occasions before. One of the court cases was open and shut because my friend saved all the messages that Lisa had sent to him accusing him of crazy things and making threats.

With one friend she showed up his house demanded weed, which he gave to her so she would go away. The friend was a pacifist that Lisa believed could he easily bullied. She showed up the next day and when he demanded that she leave she punched him in the face (this is the case that ended up on Judge Judy).

My issue with Lisa's that as one person put it she is a serial bully- she does not just pick fights with people- she picks fights with really nice and civiled people that she can push around. As you can probably tell at heart I am irrsopnsible and don’t really fall into that catagory. However I do know that Lisa’s beshavior will continue and that other peole will be picked on and terroized by her and that giving her favorable press will just add fuel to the fire.

I should apoloigise for my rants against you on the blog- they where unfair cheap shots, but I reallydo beleive the biggest error was insinuating that poeple have been picking on Lisa. If there is someone who has a history of violence, vandalism, stalking, and mental illness there really are not that many peole lining up to get in her line of fire voluntairly.

Evidentally she is good at playing the victim and getting the press on her side. My question still bacically why did you and the others who cover stories on her not mention her criminal history? And I do not mean bring up her jaywalking tickets. Since her court cases are public record I assume getting information on her criminal history should be easy. I assume that it just takes a search on a legal database (maybe I am wrong and this information is harder to get to than I thought).

John Smoak Says:
June 14th, 2008 at 10:39 am
PS Sorry there was a glitch and my response got sent while I was proofing it, so I apologise for the bad grammar and misspellings.

Laura M Says:
June 25th, 2008 at 11:14 pm
Matt, I think John makes an excellent point. Why didn’t you reference the rather extensive paper trail available via police records, county court records, and neighborhood association complaints? It’s certainly relevant and you ignored it entirely. Was it laziness on your part or did you feel that your readers should only be informed by Lee/Lisa and his/her lawyer? In either scenario, it’s just terrible journalism and doesn’t speak well of your professional ethics or integrity.

Please answer the question, why did you ignore or fail to reference reams of public records when writing this story?

Not a Good Hate Says:

June 29th, 2008 at 6:37 pm
I would like to thank Matt personally of trying to start another hate blog against Not a Good Queer. I want to let the readers know about the hate blog already written by the tenants of the Rose. It is here where the state found substanial evidence of gender discrimination.

Did it ever make you think that people who try to get stalking orders on people are being used as a payback. Did you ever think that a city with such totting of public anger, behaves quietly behind close doors to smear people. People like me who are right, hold you accountable, and make you feel uncomfortable. People like me make you feel uncomfortable because the world you live in, is blind to hate and motivators of retaliation to those who speak out.

This behavior is Portland, writing messages without signing ones name demonstrates the cities childhood obsessed behavior.

Also, I have be given enough experience and go to the legislature and complain that stalking orders and restraining orders are being misused as retaliatory behavior versus really being a victim. I think the court should pentalize those who try to get a restraining order, stalking order, they can’t get it, because it is seen as the judges as bullshit, that it should be reomoved from ones record.

I could go down to the court house on Monday and put on a stalking order against Joh Smoak, this would be on his record. Imagine, pissing off your friends, then they hate you as much as they loved you and they are freaked out about their own sexuality forget the understanding of ones gender which is so far removed from most brains.

I am Mr. Potatoe head. Potatoe head best explains gender. You can dress it up, but it is still a potatoe. I can wear a dress, and maybe put on a bra, but I am still different. As a matter of fact, this was said to me once in college by a professor in a full classrom. He said that lesbians can wear skirts but every one knows thier lesbians because they are so uncomfortable in their skirts.

I have to be nice to haters. Read Not a Good Queer on Google. Their is already a hate blog, but I guess know their is two hate blogs. I am flattered.

See ya

Laura M Says:
June 29th, 2008 at 10:59 pm
Hi Matt, still waiting for an answer. I’m really interested in knowing why you chose to ignore the ample evidence provided to you through public records.

Lee, so in your imagination the stalking and restraining orders against you are purely retalitory measures from transphobic people? You’ve never threatened anyone? Harassed them at their place of work? Yelled slurs like “faggot” and “dyke” at people who oppose you (by the way, so classy coming from someone who claims to champion queer rights)? Slashed tires? “Borrowed” cars from differently abled people without returning them, save by force? Bullied and intimidated? Physically attacked others? And that’s just a short list of the allegations. All of these are lies? I don’t think so.

Lee, you’re sick. You need help. Medicine. Therapy. Support. It’s got nothing to do with your gender, it’s got everything to do with untreated bi-polar disorder. Please stop using your transgender/bi-gendered status as a foil to carry out your petty revenge on people who disagree with you. It demeans the movement and discredits those who legitimately face discrimination because of their gender identification. Stop.

Matt Davis Says:
June 30th, 2008 at 10:01 am
I’m not answering any of these comments, and if you people persist in posting boring, weird, threatening stuff on here I’m just going to take the post down.

Laura M Says:
June 30th, 2008 at 10:52 am
Matt, you screwed up. Own it.


06/14/2008 08:55 AM
There are some very irresponsible journalists reporting on Lee/Lisa Iacuzzi referring to her as an activist or someone who is being picked on everyone from women's shelters, to community based non-profits, to tenants.

The truth is for anyone who knows Lisa Iacuzzi is that she is often off her meds, and that she frequently pyshically assaulted and threatens people. She has many arrests, convictions, and restraining orders against her, which are all part of public record, so any time the media reports on Iacuzzi's claims, and omits out this vital information out it is a travesty.

Lisa Iacuzzi is going to court on Monday and will most likely be doing end up doing time in jail for breaking one of her many restraining orders. She also has a history of stalking people and slashing tires. Be sure though that after she physically attacks someone or in the middle of the night vandalizes their property that she will cry that she is a victim. She wraps herself in the whole transgender, gay abuse issues to gain sympathy and justification for her actions. She is actually just a serial bully and pathological liar looking for attention.

Matt Davis, the journalist for the Mercury, omitted all of this- there is evidence that he knew of her history of violence, being a menace, and her severe mental illness, but decided deliberately to leave this out of his story. Also there is no excuse for him to claim that he did not know about Lisa Iacuzzi's terror sprees- it is all part of public record and she has even been on Judge Judy and lost for punching someone without cause. What is even worse is that Matt Davis infers that a woman's shelter and tenants in an apartment have been intolerant haters and gay bashing because they had trouble with Lisa.

The only thing that people need to know about Lisa Iacuzzi is who is currently on her revenge list, so they can sleep with one eye open, and jump at anything that goes bump in the night because it may well be Lisa lurking around in the dark


07 July 2008


Dear Lisa:

It was with the greatest pleasure that we here at NAGQ-OAE saw your blog entry for Thursday, 3rd July, at http://notagoodqueer.blogspot.com/2008/07/i-am-guilty-of.html, entitled:


Good for Lisa! we thought. Confession being good for the soul, we settled down to read what we thought would be a much-needed mea culpa from you.

Alas, we were saddened to find that, as usual, contrary to your title, you feel no guilt whatsoever for anything you've done. And, as usual, you blame all and sundry, particularly your favourite bete noire, that nebulous “hate mob”, in all its shifting incarnations, rather than the one most responsible for your woes: yourself. Very disappointing.

Hope springs eternal, however, and being charitable sorts at NAGQ-OAE, we offer the following facts in opposition to your most recent fabrications, fantasies, and self-exculpatory farradiddle, in the hope that some Power the giftie gie ye to see yoursel as ithers see ye, an' frae mony a blunder free ye.

Here they are:



LIE #1
(as pertains to the following. As noted previously, a compilation of your lies would fill a book)

I am guitly of:
Being maculine and scaring women according to the DA office in Portland, Oregon.


You may define as “being maculine” your taunting, provoking, bullying, hitting, and racist name-calling, Lisa, but they are no more masculine than your shedding of copious crocodiles tears in court is feminine. What scares people – and not all of them women -- is your aberrant and often violent behaviour. That, too, is not “being maculine”. It's being the playground bully you most nearly resemble.

According to the DA's office, you repeatedly violated a stalking order issued by the court against you. After you achieved several setovers of your trial, you were finally found guilty. And after several setovers of the penalty phase of your trial, you will finally be sentenced on Friday, 11th July, at 2.00 p.m. Multnomah County Courthouse, Fifth Floor, Judge Wilson presiding.

LIE #2

I lost this political battle between the feminst and the gender folks.


Don't hype your peccadilloes out of proportion, Lisa. This “political battle” is nothing more than your repeated violations of one of the stalking orders issued by the court against you, and your upcoming sentencing therefor. Or are you referring to your selfish, self-centered, money-grubbing BOLI complaint against the Bradley-Angle domestic violence shelter, which took you in when you claimed – falsely—that you were a victim, rather than the perp you were?

LIE #3

The feminist say, your transgendered and your a man. This is what Bradley Angle House directer, Kara MacFarland, had to say that their public policies on gender are in fact discriminatory.


What Kara MacFarland actually said is:

"At this time, we are unable to comment on the specific facts of this matter, especially given that the allegations against Bradley-Angle House may impact a larger scope than just our organization--and could affect the county's provision of domestic violence services. However, we again reiterate that there is no merit to Lee/Lisa Iacuzzi's allegations that Bradley-Angle House discriminated against him/her in any way."

Jacob Anderson-Minshall of Trans Nation – another victim of your snow jobs – writes that no one at Bradley Angle “is willing to discuss the situation or the agency's gender policies.”

So, Lisa, who's lying here? MacFarland and Minshall-Anderson? Or you?

Anderson-Minshall further writes that “BOLI has submitted the issue to formal conciliation process, where [attorney Matthew] Ellis says he's hopeful that Bradley-Angle's policies can be examined and revamped.”

That, Lisa, would have been a positive goal for the activist you claim you are. But your BOLI grievances – first, against a non-profit which provides housing for low- and no-income people (over which you crowed you'd get “a million dollars, more than enough for a European vacation!”), then, secondly, against a shelter for domestic violence victims...well, one must wonder exactly what kind of “activist” you really are.

But your “activism” has ever had only one item on its agenda, and that's you.

LIES #4 through #6

The battle the feminst won is still in the Court houses that believe that I am a dangerous person.


You filed two discrimination grievances with the Oregon Bureau of Labor of Industries. You filed through BOLI, rather than retaining a lawyer, because it's free – for you, though not for the Oregon taxpayers who must pick up yet another bill for you. But you don't give a rat's ass for that, despite your claim that you “don't want a free ride”. You further stated that “No suits have been filed.” Of course no suits have been filed: you're too cheap to file one. Hence, no “Court houses” -- other than the one in which you will be sentenced for your violations of the stalking order against you.

As for your being a “dangerous person”, your self-serving BOLI complaints have nothing to do with that – although the victims of your violent antics have differing views.

LIE #7

Yes, i am fairly intelligent,


No, you're cunning and manipulative, but both are of the low variety, and if you were as intelligent as you imagine, you would have learned by now from your past mistakes. And if you were as compassionate as you advertise, you would have helped Bradley Angle House to examine and refine its policies regarding trans- and bi- gendered persons (which, despite your claims, you are not). That would have been the choice of a true activist. Instead, you chose to attack through BOLI, for no better reason than your expectation of a large monetary award -- your chief motivation, as you often stated, in filing the same discrimination charge against REACH CDC.

Surprising acts for an “activist”, Lisa. First, you attack a non-profit whose mission is to provide housing for low- and no-income persons, then you attack the West Coast's oldest domestic violence shelter, which may screw up its future ability to aid domestic violence victims -- and all for money, and because they failed to accord you the Paris Hilton treatment you demand.

You might have learned something from your vengeful OSHA go-around – that phony claim you filed against the alternative school for disadvantaged children which fired you in 2003. Your claim was seen for what it was – that of “self-serving manipulator,” and “disgruntled ex-employee with an axe to grind.” But you refused to learn.

On a positive note: one might have expected you to tack it onto your “I'm intelligent” claim your phony claim to an MA. But you didn't. Congratulations on a step in the right direction, Lisa.

LIE #8

but now your trying to criminalize me for my gender which was not understood and taken away from the jury.


No one is criminalizing you for your gender identification, Lisa, be that as it may. No one cares, and it wasn't the issue at your recent trial. At issue were your repeated violations of the stalking order issued against you.

You were savvy enough not to violate the restraining order issued to another of your victims. Why the slip up? Your taunting antics and toothy grin every time you violated it show that you were well aware of what you were doing -- and enjoyed it. Did you think you'd always get away without paying for what you get?

LIE #9

To say my trial was a modern day whitch hunt carried out by Arusi Loprinzini is an understatement.


To say your trial was a “whitch hunt”, modern or otherwise, is your usual bullfarb, Lisa. You were found guilty of repeatedly violating the stalking order issued by the court to one of your victims -- that, and more.

Note that the retaliatory temporary protective stalking order you obtained against another of your neighbours – one who had very little contact with you, to begin with – was shot down by the court because, your crocodile tears notwithstanding, it was so obviously just another load from your fertilizer factory.

FYI, people from the DA's office have spoken to a few more people than Meyers. Quite a few.

The only thing that Glenda Meyers has abo that is flawless cry and hyperventialtion act which seems to work for police, judges, and juries. Will just be served or will the witch hunt just gat uglier and uglier.

That cry/hyperventilation act sounds close to the subdued, tearful shtick you essayed for police the first time they questioned you regarding your violations of the temporary stalking order. Then there was your sterling and memorable performance for the court, in the matter of the retaliatory stalking orders you obtained last October, when you hung your head, spoke softly and tearfully, and oozed crocodile tears over how that nasty “hate mob” -- it was still a predominantly bible-thumping drug dealing “hate mob” of African American grannies back then -- was out to get you.

Tell us, Lisa, do you include your tearful, Little-Girl-Lost performances in your definition of “being maculine[sic] and scaring women”?

Any witch hunt, outside your imagination, has ever been YOURS, Lisa. That being so, one can only presume that it will get worse—unless you stop it. But you won't, until you learn to face the consequences of your negative actions, take responsibility for them, and work to change your self-destructive behaviour.

LIE #10

Wittness are staying quiet for I acuzzi due to threats to wittnesses.


First, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt your "wittnesses" actually exist. The fact still remains that the only threats uttered against any witnesses are those uttered by YOU.

Your convenient memory seems to have occluded the threatening notes you wrote and shoved under witnesses' doors; your verbal threats made in the presence of other witnesses – notably, “Join me or suffer!” and “If you go to court, I'll cut your legs off!” -- and you've clearly forgotten your threat to “show up or you're going to jail!” when you issued your laughably ridiculous subpoenae duces tecum.

Ask one of your court-appointed lawyers what a “subpoena duces tecum” is, Lisa, before you pencil any more absurdities.

LIES #11 and #12

Arusi loprinzi even came to the Rose residence place and met with Meyers in her home. Meyers is a well known homphobe which was documented by the state of Oregon's BOLI.


It was not documented as fact that “Meyers is a well known homphobe[sic]”, nor can it be documented as such; it's only a claim you frequently make, and your claim is false. It's also tedious. How Meyers can be a “homphobe”[sic], well known or otherwise, is difficult to see, when her friends include gays, lesbians, and a person who undergoing the transgendering process. Moreover, Meyers is quite matter-of-fact about her bisexuality, and has never been as shy about admitting it as you are about your lesbian orientation.

Speaking of the school which fired you, why only now are you claiming you were fired for gender discrimination? Why didn't you make that claim when you were fired?

LIES #13 and #14

Who is going to win this political battle that now i am losing and will continue to be punished for stating up against them that revolve around the building as the DA is seen with Reach CDC lawyers on a daily basis.


There is no “political battle”, Lisa. That's just you, indulging in your usual girlish hysteria and making yourself out to be more important than you are; if you think you're losing, it's only because no one takes you as seriously as you take yourself – except, perhaps, in the matter of your money-grubbing “gender discrimination” action against Bradley-Angle – which may have farther-reaching implications than you can imagine.

As for attorneys from the DA's office and for REACH meeting on a daily basis, that's rubbish only an ignoramus such as yourself could invent. That's another thing to ask your current lawyer.

LIE #15

I have a lawsuit against Reach CDC and


You don't, and said so to Jacob Anderson-Minshall, – or maybe it was the Portland Mercury. No matter. You lied to both, and both swallowed your lies, hook, line, and rotten fishguts.

You filed a grievance with BOLI – a lawsuit would have cost you money -- and crowed that you would get “one million dollars” and “own 988 REACH units.” In fact, you told the judge on 2nd November 2007 that you rejected a settlement offer because you were holding out for more money. More dollar signs are dancing in your wee little head over the grievance you filed with BOLI against Bradley-Angle House afterward.

Ditto the “lawsuit” you told Anderson-Minshall you filed against PSU, which you haven't. PSU's “discrimination” against you consists of the $5,000 student loan you reneged on repaying.

The time line of your BOLI grievances is interesting. First, you file against REACH CDC, claiming “gender discrimination” in the free housing given you. (That you began violating building rules from day one, and escalated your antics until your arrest, seems not to matter.) Months later, you file the same discrimination claim against the domestic violence shelter– even though you lived at Bradley Angle before moving to the Rose. One would expect your claims to have been filed in the order you experienced the alleged discrimination. Did your expectation of getting a million dollars out of REACH begin dwindling, so you decided to file against the domestic violence shelter when you learned of the million dollar grant they received?

Your repeated emphasis on money underscores what kind of “activist” you are.

LIES #16 and #17

I wonder if Lopronzini will meet with me and talk about a hate crime of a mob* at the Rose.
the DA Arusi Loprinzini does not have a problem with helping out the local businesses.


Take care here, Lisa. The DA's office isn't comprised of the sort of helpless, low income women you're used to bullying.

The only hate crimes of any “mob at the Rose” were -- like your “domestic violence” shtick -- perpetrated by YOU. Are calling African American tenants “niggers”, telling little black girls “All you nigger bitches do drugs,” and destroying the cable of a disabled, retired African American college teacher not consider racist hate actions when perpetrated by you?

LIE #18

This hate mob* is fooling you when they say they are threatened.


Unless you count yourself as a “hate mob” Lisa – and you could well do it -- there is no “mob” at the Rose, and never was.

Your violent and aberrant actions were sufficiently disturbing to all and sundry as to require the presence of round-the-clock security guards, even before you physically assaulted several tenants, and a crippled, homeless man in front of the building. As you noted previously, a number of the tenants are actual domestic violence survivors (as opposed to phony ones like yourself); your staged temper tantrums, screaming rages up and down the hall, physical assaults, racist hate speech and antics were, to say the least, disturbing – and that, dear Lisa, is an understatement.

Speaking of your hate mob, you may thank them that you weren't charged with providing drugs and alcohol to a minor.

Remember your “mentorship student”, Nicole? You initially introduced her as “my seventeen year old girlfriend,” when you had her over for several days and nights of boozing and drugging. The “hate mob” witnessed it all, but kept quiet about it. That was a year ago last April, months before you turned on them.

Tell us, Lisa, what mentorship program permitted you, a mentor, to provide alcohol and drugs to a minor in exchange for sex? Was it part of your “attempt” to “organize former students” against the alternative school which fired you in 2003? Who's your fellow mentor, Mary Kay Letourneau?

LIES #19 and #20

Their lying, they were never afraid, it was a pay back from winning the BOLI case.


Nobody lied, Lisa, except you. Nobody has need to lie, except you. Too many people witnessed your violent and aberrant antics -- and not all of them the neighbours you victimized.

You have won nothing. Get your lawyer to explain the difference between a determination, a ruling, and a verdict. Your false accusations, like your claim to have “won”, are merely two more of the myriad lies that are your life. Saddest of all are the victims of your lies. Look in a mirror: there's one of them.

But there may be more.

Domestic violence claims the lives of over 16,000 women every year. The number of male domestic violence victims is, by comparison, minute. If your insensate money-grubbing is a factor in forcing DV shelters to curtail services currently available for female victims, thus increasing the chances they may be murdered, you will be guilty of far more than you imagine.

But of course, if you win, there will be a few who will want to shake hands with you. And never notice the blood on them.

We still rise, we will not apologize for anything!
Not a Good Queer on Blog Spot!

“We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle on Ethics


N.B.: * Lisa's Hate Mob

a) A gang of gay women “who have attacked me and come after me”
b) A gang of “predominantly African American women who are bible thumpers” led by a “convicted felon”
c) A “ruthless gang” of bible-thumping, drug-dealing African American grannies, whom Portland Impact personnel teach how to “sell their welfare cards for cash” for the purpose of “getting drug money” to buy and sell drugs
d) A gang of “twenty-people involved in a fraud of food stamps”
e) A “lynching hate mob”, a “lynch mob of a twenty dedicated to hate”
f) “A homphobic gang”, a “hate mob”, a “lynching mob”
g) “Math” heads
h) The Sheriff of Multnomah County, the Portland Police, and the DA's office, all of whom have “a reputation for hating trans people like me.”

Not A Good Queer – Or Anything Else
Still we rise! (despite our inclinations to sleep in)